Central Area Design Guidelines

The purpose of the Central Area Design Study is to build on the existing core area vision and to develop comprehensive design recommendations for the entire downtown area. This document addresses the existing and future character of the built environment,  streetscaping and landscaping, open space and pedestrian realm as well as the scale and continuity of development, heritage elements, the use of materials and parking.

To-date, a tremendous amount of planning, policy and design work has been undertaken. This includes the Official Plan, Commercial Policy Review, Cultural Plan, Comprehensive Zoning By-law, Site Plan Guidelines, Recreation and Leisure Master Plan, Trails Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.

The design guidelines contained within this report include recommendations that can be considered for incorporation into the Oxford County Official Plan. The Guidelines are also intended to guide the design process for future projects within the City and to provide a framework for similar projects in other communities in the County.

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