Bysham Park Business Community


Available Land
Lot 1: 1.2 Acres
Lot 2: 2 Acres
Lot 3: 2.7 Acres
Lot 4: 2.5 Acres
Lot 5: 1.2 Acres
Lot 6: 7.1 Acres
Lot 6: 3 Acres

Existing Businesses
Developmental Services
Thames Monuments
Oxford EMS 
Als Truck Service 
Lloyds Electric 
Millers Rentall 
Flooring Creations 
Paton Alignment 
 The Counter Guy
 Unifirst Canada
Storage World 
Regional Hose & Hydraulics
Scholastic Book Fairs
Acklands Grainger
Kyjo Steel 
 Watters Graphics
Woodstock Trading Co.
Davon Sales 
 Commercial Print Craft
 Yates Veterinary Clinic
Jeamar Winches/Motivation Industrial
Haas Enterprises 
Hurley Construction 
Armor Automation 
Dancraft Stairs
 Glenile Electric
Woodstock Fitness & Racquet Club
Maglin Site Furniture

The Bysham Park Business Community offers smaller lot opportunities at reasonable prices.  Bysham Park is minutes from Highway 401 and adjacent to Highway 2 and offers excellent opportunities to small and medium sized businesses alike. Lot sizes listed below are estimates only.

Bysham Park Business Community is fully serviced with gas, water, sanitary and storm sewers, hydro and paved roadways.  For more detailed information, contact the Office of the Development Commissioner.

The lotting schemes, as outlined on the General Plan, are proposals only. These developments are not subject to a Plan of Subdivision and may be severed by the municipality without going through the Land Division process, subject to meeting minimum lot size requirements.

A conscious effort has been made to keep the costs of locating in the Bysham Park Business Community to a minimum.

  • $85,000/acre - all lands outlined as proposed lots

Prices include water and sanitary sewer laterals to the property line; however, the purchaser is responsible for associated hook-up charges.

Any commissions arising out of the purchase of property in the Bysham Park Business Community are paid by the City of Woodstock.  Brokers are protected and commissions payable will be based upon the final price per acre.  Commissions are based on 5% for the first $150,000 in value and 3% on all value thereafter.