Pattullo Ridge Business Park


Available Land
 Lot 1: 5.3 Acres
 Lot 2: 3.5 Acres
Lot 3: 1.0 Acre 

Existing Businesses
 Armtec Limited
North American Stamping Group
Rentquip Canada
Trans Arctic
Trigon Construction
 Hunter Steel
Lely Canada 
 Brant Form Tech
Vision Signs
A & I Products
 Pow Laboratories
Bos Smoked Fish
Rogers Cablesystems 
 Hino Motors
Canada Mold Technology 
Harvan Engineering 
 Kerry Ingredients
Sean Hyland Motorsport 

Organic Resource Management 

Bos Smoked Fish 

 Dealer Supply

Commercial Equipment 


Pattullo Ridge Business Park brings together an advantageous location, attractive sites, and instant highway access at surprisingly reasonable rates.  Located immediately adjacent to Highway 401 and between Highway 403 and County Road 59 North (formerly Highway 59 North), Pattullo Ridge exemplifies a modern approach to business park planning. Lots ranging from 2 to 12 acres are available for immediate development.


Pattullo Ridge is fully serviced with gas, water, sanitary and storm sewers, hydro and paved roadways.  For more detailed information, contact the Office of the Development Commissioner.

The lotting schemes, as outlined on the General Plans, are proposals only.  These developments are not subject to a Plan of Subdivision and may be severed by the municipality without going through the Land Division process, subject to meeting minimum lot size requirements.

A conscious effort has been made to keep the costs of locating in the Pattullo Ridge Business Park to a minimum.

  • $125,000/acre - all lands zoned M4 with Highway 401 exposure.
  • $85,000/acre - the balance of the lands zoned M2-4 within the development.


Any commissions arising out of the purchase of property in the Pattullo Ridge Business Parks are paid by the City of Woodstock.  Brokers are protected and commissions payable will be based upon the final price per acre.  Commissions are based on 5% for the first $150,000 in value and 3% on all value thereafter.