Water and Sewer Services

Since 2000, all aspects of water and wastewater services have been administered and maintained by the County of Oxford, Water and Wastewater Department. The department maintains plants across the County, including those serving Woodstock. There is no charge for storm water drainage for industrial properties in Woodstock.

The metered rate structure is based on a humpback model to encourage conservation and promote commercial and industrial development.  It consists of a fixed service charge (based on the size of the meter), plus a volumetric (per cubic metre) charge.

Metered Water Rates
City Metered Rates
0 - 15 cu. m./month $0.78/m3
16 - 45 cu. m./month $1.03/m3
46 - 850 cu. m./month $1.09/m3
851+ cu. m./month  $0.94/m3
Plus a Fixed Charge based on Meter Size ranging from $16.30/month to $684.74/month
Plus $0.07/cu. m. for upgrading all County of Oxford water systems. Minimum of $5/month  
County of Oxford Surcharge (CSAP) $0.83/month 


Waste Water Rates
  Residential InDustrial/
0-15 cu. m./month $1.06/m3 $0.82/m3
16 - 45 cu. m./month $1.38/m3 $1.01/m3
46 - 850 cu. m/month $1.49/m3 $1.07/m3
851+ cu. m./month $1.27/m3 $1.04/m3 
Plus a Fixed Charge based on Meter Size ranging from $5.80 to $278.09/month
Oxford County Surcharge  $0.83/month 

Source: County of Oxford - January 1, 2015
Natural Gas

Natural gas supply and distribution is provided by Union Gas.  Union Gas Limited is a major Canadian natural gas utility, which provides energy delivery to residents and businesses in Woodstock and much of southern Ontario. Union Gas also provides natural gas storage and transportation services for other utilities and energy market participants. Union Gas is regulated under the Ontario Energy Board Act, and subject to the Energy Act (Ontario) and Public Utilities Act (Ontario). Because of deregulation in the Ontario energy industry, the option now exists to purchase natural gas from other suppliers, to be delivered through the Union Gas distribution system.

Natural gas components and quality are predominantly methane, commercially free from solid or liquid matter, dust, or other major contaminants.

Gas Rates
Small Volume General
Service - M1
a) Monthly Fixed Charge
b) Delivery Charge    
  Volume Increment   Rate
  First 100
per m3
  Next 150 m3 3.5708¢
per m3
  All Over 250 m3 3.0757¢
per m3
c) Delivery Price Adjustment   0.0629¢
per m3 


Gas Rates 2
Small Volume General
Service - M1
Commodity Rate 10.8007¢
per m3
Gas Price Adjustment -1.3161¢
per m3
Transportation 3.0262¢
per m3
Storage 0.7027¢
per m3
Storage Price Adjustment 0.0000¢
per m3
Total Gas Supply Commodity Charge 13.2135¢
per m3

Source: Union Gas (www.uniongas.com), January 2016