A single state-of-the-art DMS-100 switch located in Woodstock's core area services the City. This switch is capable of providing the full range of services available through Bell Canada, such as Centrex, Hyperstream and Bell Call Management Services and Custom Calling Features.  It provides a high degree of redundancy with a minimum interruption level in the event of failure.  This switch is connected to the CCS7 network ensuring the most rapid call connections and accessibility to enhanced services.

Woodstock long distance toll capabilities are provided on diverse Fibre Optic Sonet Ring Technology between Toronto and Windsor.  Woodstock is linked to dual toll centres in London and Kitchener over these facilities to provide a high degree of connectivity and survivability.

Locally, Woodstock has a robust Fibre Optics network connecting the majority of its serving centres.  Local Access Fibres have been established on all routes to serve the major business areas of the city.

Woodstock has ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) high speed connectivity to the core ATM switch in London located on Clarence Street.  This switch is the local link to the national network via Toronto's Simcoe Street.  A Cisco Catalyst Switch installed in the Woodstock office provides the ATM backhaul connection.



Woodstock is designated a Microlink (ISDN), ADSL, Hyperstream, Centrex and Ethernet serving area ensuring access to a full slate of voice and data services, not only to the large business clientele, but to small businesses and residential customers.

All offices in the Woodstock Serving Area have been updated to Digital Technology.

Internet Connectivity

A wide range of connectivity options are available for business, industry, and citizens in  Woodstock. Dial-up, high speed cable, high speed copper, and fibre options exist via a number of providers. Accessibility for a particular location should be confirmed with the provider.

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