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Located at the intersection of Highways 401 and 403, Woodstock businesses have easy access to the world's most prosperous consumer and industrial markets. Woodstock has an up-to-date, integrated transportation infrastructure, including highways, public transit, and province-wide and internationally connected railways. Nearby are worldwide cargo aviation systems and the most extensive in-land and international marine shipping facilities anywhere.

Canada's transportation infrastructure is Number 1 relative to other G-7 countries in 2001-2005 by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Manufacturers located in Ontario are close to major North American industrial markets. Ontario shares 11 border crossings with the U.S., by road, rail and water.

London international airport
Distance from Woodstock 52 km/33 mi
Runways Two: 8,800’ ILS runway, 6,300’ crosswind runway
Cargo Emery Worldwide, Air Canada Cargo, Dynamex Express
Passenger Westjet, Allegro, Northwest, Air Canada Jazz
Yearly Cargo Unloaded (tons) 4,503
Yearly Cargo Loaded (tons) 3,424
Flights 72 flights per day, 46 daily non-stops, 400,000 passengers per year

Toronto international airport

Distance from Woodstock 163 km/101 mi
Runways Four: 11,005’, 10,500’,
9,500’, 8,500’
Cargo 67 cargo carriers
Passenger Over 50 airlines
Yearly Cargo Unloaded (tons) 210,548
Yearly Cargo Loaded (tons) 173,545
Flights 1,050 flights per day, 25,930,363 passengers per year

hamilton international airport
Distance from Woodstock 78 km/49 mi
Runways Three: 10,000’, 6,000’, 3,510’
Cargo UPS, Purolator, FedEx, CargoJet Canada
Passenger Westjet
Yearly Cargo Unloaded (tons) 15,057
Yearly Cargo Loaded (tons) 10,167
Flights 900,000 passengers per year


Major highway Description
401 With over 400,000 vehicles per day, the 401 is one of the busiest highways in the world. In 1998, the Ontario government initiated a $401 million dollar program to make the highway smoother, safer, and more efficient.
402 Highway 402 is a vital transportation corridor, carrying people and goods across Southwest Ontario. It extends 103 km from Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia to London.
403 The 403 is one continuous route from Woodstock to Hamilton and is co-designated with the QEW through Burlington and Oakville. 
 Border crossing km mi
Sarnia/Port Huron 154 96
Niagara Falls/Niagara Falls 190 118
Windsor/Detroit 220 137
Fort Erie/Buffalo 220 137
Ivy Lea/Alexandria Bay 455 283

 toronto port authority

Distance from Woodstock  141 kms/88 mi
Avg Yearly Cargo 2,000,000 metric tonnes

60 Harbour Street,Toronto, ON  M5J 1B7, 416-462-0263 

Services Warehousing and staging

 Hamilton port authority

Distance from Woodstock 81 kms/50 mi
Avg Yearly Cargo 12,000,000 metric tonnes 
Contact 605 James St. North, 6th Floor, Hamilton, ON  L8L 1K1 905-525-4330 
Services Warehousing and staging