More Testimonials

 Doug Hahn, LTV Copperweld

"One of the attractions for me is the location.  From here our business has access to a market of over 250 million within a day's drive.  The biggest market in the world is only 2 hours away and yet I still get the benefit of the Canadian dollar.  We're right on the highway so just-in-time delivery is not an issue and there is great rail service from here too.  When it comes to business, Woodstock delivers. "

Vic Van de Cappell, Brant Form Teck Ltd.

"Let's face it, business success is a question of balance.  For my family and me Woodstock provides the perfect blend of working and living environments.  The City provides what I need for my company, and when I need to turn it off I am home in 10 minutes with my family.  Because it's not solely about work and play, business, culture, and recreation, it's everything that goes to make up a balanced life.  We've found it in Woodstock"


Takeshi Kai, Canada Mold Technology Inc.

"Woodstock was ideal for me because not only do the people at City Hall want you to succeed, they make it easier for you.  We deal with people that are dedicated to success and they really eliminate as much red tape as possible.  It is senior people that you deal with that can make things happen.  When you add to that a group of workers with high motivation, education and skill sets you get a winning business atmosphere."

Jack Wettlaufer, The Bright Cheese House

"Woodstock's got it all.  I guess you could say Woodstock means business.  Whether you need an established infrastructure to start a business or expand your current one, this place provides all the ground work.  By that I mean right up from sewers and water to internet capabilities.  Land is really affordable, and with energy costs, gas and electricity are in line with the best prices you will find.  This is just a great place to build on, but don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself."